Biasiswa Nexus Scholarship

Nexus International School is proud to provide learners with the opportunity to experience an outstanding international education in a culturally diverse environment. We are pleased to offer full and partial IB Scholarships to learners who have the potential to succeed at the highest level on this programme. Criteria

Applicant must meet all the below requirements

  • Open to all (public, private, and international schools) 
  • High academic achievement and English fluency 
  • Active participation in co-curricular activities including sports, performing arts, clubs and societies
  • Good communication skills and leadership attributes
  • Scholarship only applicable to self-paying parents

Preferred Discipline NA Amount Info

Full IB Scholarship

  • Tuition Fee Waiver: 100%
  • Registration Fee Waiver: 100%
  • Deposit Waiver: 100%
  • Year Group: 12 & 13 only
  • Waiver includes: Application Fee, Technology Fee and CAS Trips
  • Waiver does not include: Instrumental Lessons, CCA, Uniforms, Books, MacBooks

Partial IB Scholarship

  • Tuition Fee Waiver: Up to 50%
  • Registration Fee Waiver: Up to 50%
  • Deposit Waiver: Up to 50%
  • Year Group: Year 12 & 13 only
  • Waiver includes: Application fee
  • Waiver does not include: Instrumental lessons, CCA, uniforms, books, MacBooks, technology fee, CAS trips

Applicants are required to submit the following information:

Application form

Please fill this application form completely:
Click Here

Personal essay statement

In Section D, please write an essay on the following topic:

  • Primary (Years 6 and below) – “Why I want to be at Nexus.” (100 Words)
  • Secondary & IB Diploma (Years 7 – 13) – The Nexus motto is “Embracing Diversity. Challenging Minds.” What does this mean to you? (300 Words)


  • School certificates – Where applicable to you, verified by current school.
    1. Primary – Latest examination results(UPSR or PMR or School Results)
    2. Secondary & IB Diploma – SPM/IGCSE (Actual or Trial)/MYP Examination Results/Latest Standard 8 or Form 5 school exam results
  • Other certificates – Copy of awards and certificates of academic and co-curricular achievements.

Supporting Document

Official school report on co-curricular participation.
(Supporting documents should only reflect the past 3 years)

Application Submission

Send your completed application form, essay and supporting documents via email to OR mail it to


Close Date : 6 January 2021 

Click here for more information. | For Full Scholarships Click Here

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