Biasiswa KPJUC Scholarships


As part of our earnest and continuous commitment in grooming future healthcare professionals we are currently offering a range of financial aid to deserving students in the form of tuition waiver. The financial aid is aimed at assisting highly potential and/or financially challenged young individuals to be able to study at KPJUC in Nilai and our colleges in Johor and Penang. Each successful candidate may receive in-kind financial aid up to RM48,000 depending on their prior academic and personal performance as well as monthly stipends or allowance based on financial background.  The total allocation for KPJUC scholarship for 2020 is RM 10 million. KPJUC scholarship is divided into 3 categories, namely: (1) BIASISWA (based on acedemic merit), (2) DERMASISWA (based on financial need), and (3) SETIASISWA (a form of Alumni benefit).  A candidate is entitled for only one scholarship and in the case a candidate is qualified for more than one type of scholarship, he/she may be offered the one that benefits him/her best.

* The scholarship are limited and subject to availability and a set criteria imposed by the university. the decision to award, continue or terminate is in the discretion of the Vice Chancellor.


The scholarships cover tuition waiver for the whole duration of the programmes on a prorate, semester-on-semester basis, and subject to the recipients meeting the following requirements:

  • Maintain status as active, registered students
  • Maintain CGPA not lower 3.00
  • Fullfill all specific requirements related to involvement and roles in students’s activities assigned to scholarship holders
  • Settle all overdue bills, if any
  • Not subject to any disciplinary investigation or action

Interested candidates need to apply for the academic programme of their choice and our academic team would screen which scholarship may be offered to them.  There is no form to fill for scholarship application.  Successful recipients will receive their Offer for Scholarship together with Offer Letter for admission to academic programme they apply.  If a candidate has not received Offer for Scholarship in the Admission Package, they may contact us to be reconsidered.


For any inquires regarding this sponsorship please contact us at :
Hotline: 1 300 88 5758
General line: 06 7942692 / 2631
Ext En Ibrahim : 06 7984468
Fax  : 06 7942692
Email  : /

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